Good Summer Jobs for Teenagers

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Hi Taylor - I’m a high school sophomore and thinking about the best ways to make money over the summer, so I can start saving for college. Everyone I know wants to be a camp counselor, but I was wondering if you had any other ideas. - Thomas 

Hey Thomas - I’m glad you’re looking for summer work, you’ll definitely be happy with your decision down the road. There are lots of summer job options for teens, and here are just a few worth looking into: 

1. Pet and house sitter. You can find lots of opportunities to feed and walk people’s animals, water plants, collect mail, etc. This is something you can do through people you already know as well as through various apps and online job boards. If you have open availability and are responsible, this is a good way to bring in money and something you might be able to do while working other jobs. It could also lead to work during the school year.

2. Car washer. If you’re the industrious type, you might be able to start your own car washing operation. People wash their vehicles a lot more during the summer when the rain lets up, and your parents and their friends might be happier going to see you rather than a business that charges more. A come-to-you car washing and detail business could grow into something you could even do once school starts back in the fall!

3. Tutor. It sounds like you’re a diligent student, so the summer could be an opportune time for you to offer tutoring services. You can either work through a tutoring company or go out on your own, helping other students with the subjects you excel in. This is a good way to keep a relatively open schedule and make a good hourly wage.

4. Seasonal worker. Depending on where you live, there might be businesses (other than summer camps) that experience a big boost in clientele during the summer months. You can work at a national park or an aquarium, or help a rental company that gets busier during the months when people are having weddings and throwing parties. Start asking around to see who might need help exclusively during the summer. It’s possible there are good jobs right under your nose that you’ve never even heard of.

Summer jobs can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Hopefully one of these options will make sense for you. Good luck!